About Us


We believe that success is rooted in having the right people in the right places

Luxus Restorations is part of Luxus Developments, the luxury real estate development arm of The Luxus Group. With offices in Canada and the United States, we also have a team on the ground in Tuscany. We’ve been active investors in Tuscany for more than 10 years, and our first authentic Tuscan renovation was Podere Paníco.

Restoration of this 16th-century farmhouse introduced us to the possibility, process and reward of creating and preserving an authentic and luxurious Italian lifestyle experience. With only a few dozen viable properties remaining in the area, we are now offering this rare journey to a handful of other discerning buyers.



Luxus Restorations is a truly unique investment and lifestyle opportunity.  Our dedicated approach to these authentic restorations is a testament to the quality and rarity of the finished homes themselves.

At the heart of Luxus Restorations is Fulvio Di Rosa, a master restoration architect and champion of authentic restorations. His vision, passion, and dedication to his craft drive each Luxus Restorations project, blending true artistry, an eye for balancing traditional and contemporary Tuscan style, and a deep understanding of Italian culture.

Fulvio also brings together and coordinates the entire restoration team – stonemasons, landscapers, carpenters and antique restorers – many of whom he has worked with for decades. Together, these artisans make the restorations possible, combining their unique expertise and passion for authentic restoration with the latest home-building techniques and technologies.


We’re fortunate to work with some of the most capable and creative talent in authentic restoration. Our staff, partners, and relationships with local experts in Tuscany bring extensive experience to each project and a shared passion for uncompromised excellence.


Francesco Cortonesi, whose ancestors first settled in the Crete Senesi region of Italy in the 15th century, leads our team on the ground in Tuscany. His deep knowledge of local history and culture makes Francesco a critical part of the acquisition and permitting of these exceptional properties. Francesco’s existing relationships and expertise allow us to find unlisted opportunities, negotiate directly with farmers and landowners to secure access to water and utilities, and expedite the permit approval processes.

Luxus Italy also oversees onsite project management during the restoration phase, negotiating and overseeing the trades contracts and providing regular updates to Luxus North America.

Once a home is complete, Luxus Italy is pleased to provide boutique property management services such as landscaping, pool maintenance, general home maintenance and cleaning services. Given our local connections and knowledge, Luxus Italy can also arrange any number of unique concierge services for new homeowners, including unique touches like procuring custom-labelled local wine and olive oil.


Luxus has two offices in North America: our head office in Western Canada and our New York location.

Luxus North America leads all of our acquisition efforts in Italy, coordinating closely with Luxus Italy, lead architect Fulvio di Rosa, and our legal counsel in Siena and Milan.

Our North American team is also responsible for all client communications during the design and restoration phases. We begin with extensive meetings to establish each investor’s needs and wants, and then bring in Luxus Italy to ensure each detail is translated into the restoration plans. We also provide regular, comprehensive updates directly to clients on the restoration financials and progress of their one-of-a-kind homes.

For those as passionate about tangible investments that deliver exceptional experiences, who have a dream and desire to cultivate their own Italian lifestyle, Luxus Restorations is an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a true legacy project.