The Restoration


Restore the past, preserve the future

Luxus Restorations delivers an exclusive luxury real estate experience at its authentic best. Create the story of your own Italian life with our world-class, turnkey approach to the restoration journey. We provide a hassle-free process for buying, restoring, furnishing and living in your own centuries-old Tuscan countryside home.

Rich in history, beauty and potential, these exceptional, handpicked properties are a rare opportunity to take part in an architectural legacy – masterful, custom restorations that preserve genuine Tuscan living and uncompromised luxury in every home.

Step into a restoration journey like no other


It’s a mixture of the right material, the right method and the soul you put into the project that makes it the perfect restoration.

~Fulvio Di Rosa, Luxus Restorations’ master architect

The chance to authentically restore one of Tuscany’s few remaining salvageable ruins is rare and time-limited – these beautiful but now abandoned homes are rapidly deteriorating.

This is an opportunity to experience much more than a typical renovation or building a new-home product. Few share our commitment to authenticity or dedicate the time and resources necessary to faithfully restore these homes.

The integrity of our approach ensures that modern comforts, safety, energy efficiencies and timeless design considerations are thoughtfully and artfully blended with your property’s original structures and landscapes.

Few others share our commitment to authenticity or dedicate the time and resources necessary to faithfully restore legacy homes. Our restoration process is more deliberate, more thoughtful, and infinitely more rewarding. With Luxus Restorations, you’re getting more than a custom home – you’re participating in the entire authentic journey.

Less hassle, more living.  Create your own Italian life while we manage the day-to-day completion of your restoration journey.

The satisfaction of restoring your own home is immense - but so is the time commitment. There are several lengthy hurdles to clear before any work can even begin.

With our turnkey process you’ll be choosing from a carefully screened selection of A-grade properties in the most sought-after regions of Tuscany. The properties already have preliminary restoration plans, budgets, and approvals so you can immediately begin working with our team to refine the designs and meet all your needs and wants.

You’ll be informed throughout the entire restoration process as our team of skilled craftsmen brings your vision to life. You can also help choose the finishes, furniture and art for your home – each meticulously procured from select local producers or antique dealers in the region.

Once your home is completed, we can also provide all concierge services and operational services for your finished home, including landscaping, cleaning, and maintenance.

Experience the satisfaction of a turnkey restoration journey. Step confidently into a customized purchasing and restoration process that removes the barriers, hassles and risks while delivering uncompromised luxury and value.

The land has a long memory here, constantly giving us something from the past and constantly renewing for the future.

~ Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

A land rich with history and culture, Italians are known the world over for their refined taste and sophisticated lifestyle.

Tuscany, in particular, has a rich history and rustic style long admired and preserved for centuries. It draws people from around the globe seeking the quality of experiences it offers and the relaxed luxury that it embodies. Deliberate, authentic living connects visitors with the feeling and traditions of an ancient and well-preserved past.

Tuscany’s global appeal and tight restrictions on new developments also help ensure the enduring value of its real estate. Where better to bring our concept of authenticity to life for others who share our dream and vision for tangible investments and exceptional lifestyle rewards?

Our experience and preference for authentic restoration is the podere, the countryside Tuscan farmhouse.

For visitors, the podere is the iconic image of charming stone and brick homes atop picturesque hills, surrounded by olive groves and agricultural pastures – it’s an image that still drives demand for traditional Tuscan homesteads. For Italians, these homes are physical vessels that hold centuries of Italian tradition and lifestyle within their foundations. Each podere is a piece of Tuscan heritage.

Our master architect and restoration team have devoted most of their careers to carefully restoring these unique properties. With a variety of sizes, styles and ages, you can choose the podere that best matches your needs while resting assured that our dedicated team can make your restoration dream a reality.

The result is pure, refined luxury:

The simple sophistication of authentic Italian style.

The work you have done is exceptional, meticulous, an emblem of the true past and true Italian tradition. Well done.

~ Antonio Bianchi, Editor-in- Chief, Casantica magazine

Luxus Restorations strives to connect people with exceptional properties and landscapes that subtly and artfully embody authentic luxury. We successfully blend traditional and modern styles, creating and preserving a unique lifestyle experience.

We specialize in niche real estate opportunities that connect owners with world-class cultural and lifestyle experiences. Our team and highly respected Tuscan partners have local credibility in Italy, a key factor in our unique ability to nimbly and seamlessly navigate the complex regulatory bureaucracy that controls the restorations of ruins.

The integrity of our turnkey restoration approach, the experience of our team, our relationships with local partners and the quality our properties, set us apart. Our approach delivers a world-class home while also providing a more fulfilling, informed process for the buyer.

Exclusive, exceptional, real.
This is the Luxus Restorations difference.