Restoration of these ancient farmhouses introduced us to the possibility, process, and reward of creating and preserving an authentic and luxurious Italian lifestyle experience. With only a few dozen viable properties remaining in the area, we are now offering this rare journey to a handful of other discerning buyers.

For those as passionate about tangible investments that deliver exceptional experiences, who have a dream and desire to cultivate their own Italian lifestyle, Luxus Restorations is an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a true legacy project.

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Luxus Restorations delivers an exclusive luxury real estate experience at its authentic best. Create the story of your own Italian life with our world-class, turnkey approach to the restoration journey. We provide a hassle-free process for buying, restoring, furnishing and living in your own centuries-old Tuscan countryside home.


Rich in history, beauty and potential, these exceptional, handpicked properties are a rare opportunity to take part in an architectural legacy – masterful, custom restorations that preserve genuine Tuscan living and uncompromised luxury in every home.

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Our philosophy

The chance to authentically restore one of Tuscany’s few remaining salvageable ruins is rare and time-limited – these beautiful but now abandoned homes are rapidly deteriorating.


This is an opportunity to experience much more than a typical renovation or building a new-home product. Few share our commitment to authenticity or dedicate the time and resources necessary to faithfully restore these homes.


The integrity of our approach ensures that modern comforts, safety, energy efficiencies and timeless design considerations are thoughtfully and artfully blended with your property’s original structures and landscapes.


Few others share our commitment to authenticity or dedicate the time and resources necessary to faithfully restore legacy homes. Our restoration process is more deliberate, more thoughtful, and infinitely more rewarding. With Luxus Restorations, you’re getting more than a custom home – you’re participating in the entire authentic journey.

Our Approach

Less hassle, more living.  Create your own Italian life while we manage the day-to-day completion of your restoration journey.


The satisfaction of restoring your own home is immense – but so is the time commitment. There are several lengthy hurdles to clear before any work can even begin.


With our turnkey process you’ll be choosing from a carefully screened selection of A-grade properties in the most sought-after regions of Tuscany. The properties already have preliminary restoration plans, budgets, and approvals so you can immediately begin working with our team to refine the designs and meet all your needs and wants.


You’ll be informed throughout the entire restoration process as our team of skilled craftsmen brings your vision to life. You can also help choose the finishes, furniture and art for your home – each meticulously procured from select local producers or antique dealers in the region.


Once your home is completed, we can also provide all concierge services and operational services for your finished home, including landscaping, cleaning, and maintenance.

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